Granite Marble Burlington – Making Your Home Your Castle

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These days, more than ever, everyone wants to own a little piece of high-end class at an average income price, and natural stone is the product that most satisfies both of those desires. Our home is more than just a space we live – it is a visual representation of ourselves and our style, taste, effort, and perseverance, and as such, it should paint a positive and enjoyable picture to both those who dwell within and those who stop by for the occasional visit. While other types of materials may provide a short-term solution to home improvement, it is products such as granite and marble that truly stand the test of time in both functionality and durability.
Instant Sophistication
Long associated with wealth and class, both granite and marble paint a stunning backdrop in your home whether it be on the floor, ceiling, or walls. By adding natural stone products, rooms become revitalized and acquire an air of sophistication not only to the physical structure of the room, but also to all the décor items contained therein.
Long-lasting Value
As is evident from ancient structure and of course from more modern buildings constructed this century, stones such as granite and marble are composed of materials which do not break down regardless of weather or age and provide security on home improvement investments. In addition to looking high-end, they also increase a home's value upon installation, which can be an important consideration when and if the decision is made to sell the home. One of the main benefits to installing marble or granite countertops or tiles is that once it's done, there will almost certainly be no need to ever replace or renovate these areas again, as the life of the stone will far outlast the homeowners time in the dwelling.
A Wide Variety of Options
Perhaps one of the greatest misconceptions about installing natural stone materials in the home is the mistake belief that marble comes only in white and that granite is available only in grey. In fact, both of these stones can come in a wide variety, colours, and hues; although marble has slightly fewer options. Both also are unique in that they have tiny veins of colour, which run through them, ensuring that no two pieces will ever be alike. That is important to keep in mind when renovating a large space as uniformity is nor typically a characteristic of natural stone.
Easy Upkeep
Both granite and marble are incredible easy stones to take care of. Both are moisture resistant, although only granite is non-porous (mean no liquid can penetrate it) however will a proper sealant and finish marble keeps up with its darker counterpart quite well. As for cleaning, both stones require little more than a damp cloth and some ordinary household soap, but marble will benefit greatly from additional coats of polish protector from time to time to keep it in showroom condition.
Make a lasting impression on your home by contacting your local natural stone representative and get started on a lifetime of luxury at an affordable price.